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Relocating Singapore
Relocating To Singapore

Lease / Rent Procedure
Lease / Rent Procedure

Understanding Singapore
Understanding Singapore

Getting Around
Getting Around

Housing Genres
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The most conventional way of living in Singapore. HDB represents Housing Department Board. Majority (77.8%) of the citizens live in them. This public housing has made remarkable strides in its standards and quality.

Private Apartment / Condominium - A higher standard of living
A concoction with high class living and full fledged facilities makes this genre a definite hot favorite among foreign talents. These apartments are fully equipped with facilities and also have a more favorable environment (by the seaside, near business districts etc).

Landed Property
Bungalows, terraces and semi-detached are landed property in Singapore. These large houses are usually more expensive and is a favorite for the larger and higher earning families in Singapore.

Cluster Housing
Dwellings grouped closely together to form relatively compact units. The space between clusters usually is allocated to pedestrian circulation and cooperative recreational use. This pattern normally results in a higher density of land use than that of a conventional subdivision layout.




HDB Apartment / Condo Industrial / Commercial
HDB Apartment / Condominium Industrial / Commercial
Rent / Sell Rent / Sell Rent / Sell

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